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Hello world! January 18, 2017

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Tips For The Toefl Integrated Writing January 11, 2017

Many test-takers are found panic-stricken whenever the matter of attempting the TOEFL integrated writing surfaces the discussion. A number of questions are raised like how could they understand the lecture? how could they link both the sections (reading and listening)? how could they attempt the integrated writing section in 20 minutes? what method should they adopt to score well in this section? etc. Though there is logic in all these questions, test-takers must not scare and follow certain prescribed strategies in the TOEFL integrated writing.
The integrated writing section requires test-takers to write both on the passage they read and the lecture they hear. They become doubtful as to which one of the two (reading, listening) matters most? Well, honestly the prompt for the integrated writing of the TOEFL will appear as follows:
Summarize the lecture, making sure to cast doubt (or compliment) points made in the reading.
Since the test always asks to summarize the lecture, test-takers have to write more on the lecture only. However, reading can be brought in only when there is a necessity. Roughly speaking, in terms of breaking down the actual information, Lecture covers 60% and Reading covers 40%. Test-takers always need to keep the instruction in mind, which is to Summarize the lecture.
Second, test-takers should know which way is the best to write their essay. There are two ways to write the essay: following point- by- point and by following block format. Lets find the difference between the two.
In point-by-point format, you write the essay according to points or specific and important information derived from both the listening and the reading. For example, you make one statement about the lecture and provide similar point or contradiction to that point from the reading in the first paragraph. The same procedure is applied to the subsequent paragraphs as well.
Block format is easier since here you need not draw any similarity or comparison like that of the point-by-point format. Block format structures half of your essay about the lecture and half of it about the reading. We advise you to follow the point-by-point format if you have understood the contents of both the Toefl Reading and the listening. If you are hesitant to structure your essay and have doubts regarding the contents of both, following block format is advisable.
The last question test-takers often ask is how should the essay be structured? The answer to this is your essay must contain words between 150 and 225. That takes about two long paragraphs, or three short ones. Make sure you introduce the topic and conclude it as briefly as possible. However, the important part of your essay is the body which must contain all important information. Keep at least two minutes for editing your essay.
A number of books and practice tests are available to help you out. We advise you to follow all the guidelines provided by Manhattan Review India. Manhattan Review India, a test-prep company located in Hyderabad, has been continuously formulating strategies to help test-takers topple their scores in the TOEFL integrated writing. Equipped with trained and certified faculty, comprehensive study materials and congenial study atmosphere, Manhattan Review India provides extensive training to test-takers to crack complicated tests like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

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