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Systematize your ideas prior to expressing them in your essay, i.e., make the outline either on paper or in your mind. It is required in the beginning for a beginner’s loose sally of mind is very likely to lose the very rationale of the attempt. Only after attaining command over style, can one’s essay be ‘dispersed meditation’.

The impersonal type of essay, alone, should be attempted first. Only after considerable practice, when one’s own style is shaped, subjected or personal essays are advised to be taken up.up.

Verbosity is detrimental to clarity. Hence superfluous words and expressions should be avoided.

Direct expression and active voice construction are preferable to digression and passive expression.

Complex sentences and hotchpotch of ideas mar effectiveness and precision. One idea must be expressed in a single paragraph.

Thus, if you want to become an essayist of note, master your language first and make your model any modern essayist, who is deemed to have mastered the prose style.

English is one of the most common languages in the world. It is spoken across several countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia and parts of South America. However, it is also a language used worldwide in the tourist industry and in the world of business and commerce. It is no wonder therefore that so many individuals wish to learn how to write, speak and understand the English language, and why so many students choose to undertake their academic study in an English speaking country.

However, being sufficiently fluent in English that you can undertake fulltime or part time study of a subject of any nature within an English speaking country is no mean feat! Whilst you may feel that your grasp of the English language is sufficient for you to get by on campus, make friends, interact and participate in your classes and even hold down a job, when it comes to writing English, there are lots of errors and areas for concern that individuals whose second language is English need to be aware of, and do their best to avoid. Unfortunately, proofreading errors and editing errors plague even the brightest native English speaking individual and affect their marks. So achieving strong coursework or essay marks on the proofreading front is particularly challenging for those students who have English as a second language.

Students for whom English is a second language find that they not only have to worry about what to write in their essays and coursework, but they also have to think about how to write it. It almost doesn’t matter how long you have been studying English and how fluent you think you may be in conversing in the language, when it comes to writing down the language, nothing is ever as comfortable as your native lingo.

So, what are the key things to consider as a non-native English speaker when writing an essay in English?

– The language needs to be sufficiently complex and academic in style. There is most definitely a distinction between the language you use when writing blog posts, letters, emails and when generally chatting to others and the language you use when writing an academic piece. Academic language is complex, not simple, and this can be a difficult concept to grasp for everyone, not just those for whom English is their second language.

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